New Year’s Pet Resolutions

New Year's pet resolutions

Now that you've recovered from the New Year's Eve party, bring your pet to Austin's Pet and Bird Clinics.

2012 has just begun: have you made your New Year’s pet resolutions? Following is a list of things you can do to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe throughout the coming year.

  • Get your pet spayed or neutered: We all know that “fixing” your animal pal decreases the population of strays. But many veterinarians believe that spaying or neutering can also decrease incidences of testicular cancer, prostate problems, urine-marking and aggression for males and a decrease in mammary, uterine and ovarian cancer for females.
  • Pet-proof your home: Make sure that you have put poisons and other dangerous items behind locked cabinets or in a room that your pet can’t access.
  • Customize your pet’s diet: When kept at proper body weight for its size and age, your pet can live a longer, healthier life. He or she will also be at a lower risk for heart disease, joint problems and other conditions associated with poor health.
  • Invest in pet ID: Consider getting a tag or microchip to identify your pet. Doing so will help ensure that you will get your animal pal back in the event he or she gets lost.
  • Start a pet grooming regimen: Create a grooming schedule that includes regular baths, brushings and nail clippings.
  • Exercise more with your pet: Dogs love to go for walks around the neighborhood or in the local park. Other animals, such as cats and ferrets, also appreciate time outdoors (or, in the case of birds, out of their cages). Consider letting these other pets out into enclosed safe spaces while you do some workouts of your own.

Don’t forget to also bring your animal pet to Austin’s Pet and Bird Clinics for an annual checkup. Waiting until your pet is sick leads to unnecessary suffering and complications that will only make treatment more expensive. Set up an appointment today and get a healthy start for your pet in the new year.

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