The Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin

Pet and Bird Clinics

For an introduction to the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, Wells Branch and South Branch, and what they can do for you and your pet, please watch this interview with Dr. Savita Wadhwani. For a veterinary appointment in one of our Austin clinics, call Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic at (512) … [Read More...]

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Dogs and Dismembered Teddy Bears

Dr. Savita Wadhwani, owner and vet at Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic, talks about a recent unusual operation involving a dog...and a teddy bear: There was a dog that the owner brought in and he had been vomiting for a couple of days, didn’t want to eat. I … Read more...


Is Spaying My Pet Important?

Spaying is the removal of the uterus and the ovaries. Therefore, heat periods no longer occur. In many cases, despite your best effort, your pet can become pregnant. It is very hard to fight this instinct. Spaying your pet prevents any chance unplanned … Read more...

Parrots are great pets!

Common Pet Parrot and Bird Illnesses has some excellent resources for pet owners. Here are the most common illnesses that affect birds in captivity. It is important to recognize their symptoms as soon as possible and seek treatment. Proventricular Dilatation Disease … Read more...

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Pets and Allergies

Too often, people will blame a sudden attack of sniffles, itchiness or shortness of breath on their dog or cat. If the symptoms persist, they may feel forced to take the pet to an animal shelter where the animal risks getting killed because no one else will … Read more...

Watch for cat health issues

Pet Fears, Anxieties and Phobias

What is fear? Fear is a physiologic, behavioral and emotional reaction to stimuli that an animal encounters. The physiologic reaction results in an increase in heart rate, increased respiratory rate (panting), sweating, trembling, pacing and possibly … Read more...

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Halloween for Pets!

Halloween is a fun time, but can it be dangerous to your pets? Unfortunately, yes. Now we're not talking about your Pomeranian being frightened by zombies, princesses, superheroes or even the occasional Charlie Sheen costume. No, the primary danger lies … Read more...

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Tips for Owning a Pet Bird

You may think that you’re ready to dive into the world of bird ownership.  But are you really?  Inviting a feathered friend to share your space often requires lifestyle changes that go beyond simply adding a cage to your living room décor. 1. Beware your … Read more...