The Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin

Pet and Bird Clinics

For an introduction to the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, Wells Branch and South Branch, and what they can do for you and your pet, please watch this interview with Dr. Savita Wadhwani. For a veterinary appointment in one of our Austin clinics, call Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic at (512) … [Read More...]

Austin Pet Care News

cats eyes

Glaucoma in Cats

Do your cat’s eyes appear cloudy?  Does he or she squint or have a problem with excessive tearing?  It’s possible that Kitty may have glaucoma, a condition in which high pressure occurs in the eye due to a failure of normal fluid drainage.  Left untreated, it … Read more...


Feline Heartworm

Has your cat been coughing or having trouble breathing lately?  If so, and especially if Kitty spends a lot of time outside and has also been vomiting, he or she may have heartworm. Feline heartworm is caused by a parasitic nematode, Dirofilaria immitis.  … Read more...

dog scratching an itch

Canine Skin Rashes

You can almost count on Fido getting a skin rash at least once in his or her lifetime.  In general, a rash should not be a cause for concern.  However, they can be very uncomfortable for your pet and sometimes lead to other health problems. Skin rashes … Read more...

lost dog in the rain

Severe Weather Causes Pets to Go Missing

This past week, heavy rains did more than wreak havoc on Austin roadways.  According to the Austin, they also caused more than 70 dogs to end up in the already at-capacity Austin Animal Center. Chief Animal Services Officer Abigail Smith … Read more...

Doberman Pinscher

Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Has Fido been gaining weight lately?  And have the extra pounds been accompanied by hair loss and/or skin problems?  If so, it’s possible that your canine pal may have hypothyroidism. This condition is a common problem in dogs.  Hypothyroidism occurs when a … Read more...

Free Heartworm test with 6 mth supply of prevention

SPECIAL until May 15th: Heartworm Test Included with 6 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease is a serious, deadly disease affecting thousands of dogs each year. It is a parasite that lodges in the heart and is transmitted by mosquitoes. As we move into summer and the mosquito season, now is the time to get your dog checked for … Read more...

old red cat

Cognitive Dysfunction in Senior Cats

A decline in mental function is not just a problem for many aging humans.  It’s also a problem for cats as well. Studies have shown 28% of felines between the ages of 11 and 15 show some signs of cognitive dysfunction.  That number shoots up to 50% for cats … Read more...