The Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin

Pet and Bird Clinics

For an introduction to the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, Wells Branch and South Branch, and what they can do for you and your pet, please watch this interview with Dr. Savita Wadhwani. For a veterinary appointment in one of our Austin clinics, call Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic at (512) … [Read More...]

Austin Pet Care News

old red cat

Cognitive Dysfunction in Senior Cats

A decline in mental function is not just a problem for many aging humans.  It’s also a problem for cats as well. Studies have shown 28% of felines between the ages of 11 and 15 show some signs of cognitive dysfunction.  That number shoots up to 50% for cats … Read more...


Website Service Finds Your Lost Pet

There is now a service that operates nationwide to help you find your lost pet via the Internet. Of course, this had to happen and its about time. We all know about amber alerts that are put out by police departments and social service agencies to find lost … Read more...

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What You Need to Know About Heartworm

What is heartworm disease? Canine heartworm disease is a serious, deadly disease affecting thousands of dogs each year. Because of a parasite that lodges in the heart commonly known as heartworms, many dogs become permanently debilitated or die from lung, … Read more...

Dog in the car

It’s a No-No to Leave Your Pet in the Car!

Austin is hitting over 100° again and it is time to remember that you cannot leave a pet alone in a locked car. Cracking windows, leaving water do little to help your pet in the furnace that your car becomes in this kind of heat. Even at 70° a car can … Read more...

Canine Parvo Pet and Bird Clinic of Austin

What is Canine Parvo?

Canine parvo or parvovirus disease is a disease in dogs usually in puppies caused by a virus called parvovirus. It’s a disease that affects the intestinal system. It actually gets into the cells of the intestinal system and kills those cells so the body is now … Read more...

Keep everyone happy!

8 Things to do to Keep Your Home Clean AND Pet-Friendly

You love your dog or cat but you hate the clean-up.  After all, it's hard enough having to clean up after yourself and the other human members of your family. So what do you do? While you can't make the job disappear, you can make it easier on yourself job … Read more...

Dog care

4 Categories of Canine Nasal Problems

Never ignore your dog’s nose. It may only be a small part of Fido’s body, but it’s also a very important one. A canine can tell more about his or her world from smell than from any other sense, including sight. Dog nose problems can range from infections to … Read more...