The Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin

Pet and Bird Clinics

For an introduction to the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, Wells Branch and South Branch, and what they can do for you and your pet, please watch this interview with Dr. Savita Wadhwani. For a veterinary appointment in one of our Austin clinics, call Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic at (512) … [Read More...]

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Why Cats Chew Their Own Fur

Everyone knows that cats are very good at keeping themselves clean. Sometimes, however, felines can do this to excess and develop what's called psychogenic alopecia or baldness due to over-grooming. The behavior is thought of a way for cats to deal with … Read more...

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“Lovebird” Care Tips

Lovebirds are small parrots: specifically, the kind that don't talk. Their subtle peach-tinted faces and dramatic plumage can make them quite beautiful. With the right care and feeding, they can also be excellent animal companions. According to the website … Read more...

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All About Heartworms

From Dr. Savita Wadhwani, owner and veterinarian, Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic: What is Heartworm? First of all I want to clear up a confusion for you. Worms. There are lots of different kinds. Of course there are the ones out there in the earth. Those … Read more...

Don't let your pet get overheated

Things You Should Know About Heat Stroke in Pets

Summer is just around the corner. And in Texas that means plenty of 95° plus days with lots of humidity. As difficult as this kind of weather may be for humans, it's especially hard on dogs and cats because they run an increased risk for getting … Read more...

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Lost Pet Tips and Advice

A recent article in The Durham News online covered an all-too-common reality for many Austin pet owners: a lost pet. According to the article, one out of three pets will be lost at some point during their lives. Take a look around at your own neighborhood … Read more...

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Glaucoma in Cats

Do your cat’s eyes appear cloudy?  Does he or she squint or have a problem with excessive tearing?  It’s possible that Kitty may have glaucoma, a condition in which high pressure occurs in the eye due to a failure of normal fluid drainage.  Left untreated, it … Read more...


Feline Heartworm

Has your cat been coughing or having trouble breathing lately?  If so, and especially if Kitty spends a lot of time outside and has also been vomiting, he or she may have heartworm. Feline heartworm is caused by a parasitic nematode, Dirofilaria immitis.  … Read more...